My Story

I started the Ketogenic diet in August 2016.  In early 2016, my life took a sudden turn and I felt like my life was going to spiral out of control. For this reason, I decided to try to control one aspect of my life.  I was lucky that my oldest brother introduced me to the diet and was able to offer me advice and keep me motivated.  Admittedly, even with the knowledge provided by my brother, I was still skeptical of a diet that would allow me to eat bacon on a regular basis.

Basically, Keto started out as an experiment for me.  I figured I had nothing to lose so I wanted to at least give it a try.  Within a few short months, I was down 20+ pounds.  To be honest, once other people started to notice my weight loss, I actually started to get sick of people commenting on my food choices and constantly asking me questions about my weight and my progress.

For me, Keto has always been more than just losing weight; its about proving that I can do anything I set my mind to.  The journey has allowed me to grow as a person and surprise myself on a daily basis.  I have proven that I am truly capable of anything. As cringeworthy as the term "lifestyle change" has always been in my mind, I completely understand why the term exists.  Healthy choices truly lead to positive changes in multiple aspects of life. Keto is more than just a diet, it is a lifesaver.

As I continue on this journey, I welcome you to my life.  I aim to inspire and motivate through my words.  I will share recipes and provide you with the information that will help you stay motivated.
If I can save even one life with my experience, I will consider than an accomplishment.